Modern Conveniences In Need of Classic Style

Call me old fashioned, but some days I can't help but miss the land line phones of my youth.  Those phones established a certain style that will never be replicated by today's technology.  Watch any classic film and there will come a scene where the leading actor confidently and assuredly picks up the receiver and begins speaking with authority.  He never had to mess around with any screen locks or little buttons.  When the conversation was over, there was that satisfying finality of returning the handset to the base.  If you were frustrated, the person on the other end knew it. Have you ever tried slamming a smart phone in anger?  Yeah, good luck with that.

It goes without saying, though, that the convenience factor of the cell phone makes it indispensable.  Luckily, there are some cool new cell phone accessories bringing back some of that timeless appeal.  The Neutron A, from a Chicago-based design team, sits at the top of that list.  By far the easiest automobile phone holder to install, the Neutron A works using magnets and creates the impression that your phone is floating in mid air.  The curve of the base is reminiscent of vintage cars like the Hudson Hornet and the Mercury Eight.  When the phone is in use, the Neutron A looks great on the dash.  Unlike most phone holders out there, it won't take up windshield space and it doesn't require endless adjustments to get the right fit.  The simplicity makes it an instant classic.

 For docking your phone in the car, or anywhere else, there's the Neutron S.  It works just like the Neutron A, but it's smaller and lighter.  The curves of the Neutron S are clearly inspired by the Apple aesthetic, which Steve Jobs arrived at due to his appreciation for modernist homes of the forties and fifties.  With the two Neutron designs, Bungajungle rediscovers the precision that distinctively characterized design of that era.  The feel of the magnets gripping the phone as you hang it up is one of those instant impressions, just as satisfying as ending the call on the old rotary.  You've gotta try it to see.  You'll find ourself wondering how you ever used a phone without one.

Check out the launch of the Bungajungle products on Kickstarter:

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