The Search for the Perfect Smartphone Car Mount


There are so many phone holders to choose from.  How will you determine which is best for you? 


Sure, many of them will hold your phone in your car, but will you have to make a lot of adjustments before you are good to go?  Will you have to take up so much windshield space that it takes away from the overall safety?  Can you count on being able to access it easily while driving or will you worry about a suction cup failing when the weather changes?  Is it possible to find something that won’t look horribly tacky in your expensive ride?


The search usually ends in a compromise of some sort, only to begin again when you upgrade your phone.


It doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Incredibly, all of these concerns (and more) can be resolved by a single product.  The really amazing part is the simplicity of the solution.


Bungajungle’s Neutron series mounts are truly universal, no straps, clips, or strings attached.  The Neutron is not just for the car either.  Now you can safely secure your phone wherever you choose – the Neutron is as mobile as your phone is.




The elegant curves are the perfect compliment to the most sophisticated designs of Apple, Samsung, and HTC.  The phone appears to magically hover in front of the dashboard or wall, yet the attachment is as secure as can be.  Check out this video of the Neutron versus a bumpy road.  The grip is solid.



You can order the Neutron through their Kickstarter Campaign from now until September 15th.  You’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever lived without one!

  • Heru Kusmartono says...

    It works like magic.. The silicone is a bit curved though so it’s stick out on the right side, please put better qc on that part. Btw.. I think it will be great if u guys make phone hard cases with built in attachment disc.


    On March 22, 2015

  • Tom Neal says...

    I purchased two of these and they work wonderful. The only thing that I don’t like is the tape is two thick. It would be even greater is the tape was about half as think.


    On November 12, 2014

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