Magnetic Architecture

With the newest Kickstarter launched, a new buzzword has come about- magnetic architecture. The Kickstarter is Hoverboard.

Magnets are something that we here at Bungajungle are familiar with. All of our products feature the use of magnets. The arrangement of magnets we use on our mounts and stands allows them to be shielded, which keeps the magnetic field from penetrating to the inside of devices like your iPhone or iPad..

Hoverboard, by Hendo also uses the arrangement of magnets or magnetic architecture. The founder of Hendo, Henderson explains."A magnet has an electromagnetic field. It is equal in all areas. It has a north and a south pole," "What if you were able to take that magnet, and organize the magnetic field so that it was only on one side? And then you combine that with other magnetic fields in a way that amplifies and focuses their strength? That’s magnetic field architecture." Check out there project now on Kickstarter.


Magnetic levitation is not something new.  The Hendo project uses electromagnetism and Lenz's Law which below is illustrated by MIT.  





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