Neutron S Phone Mounting Solution Now Available on Amazon

Our Neutron S phone mount is now available on Amazon. It will be available on Amazon Prime's 2 day shipping. For a phone mount that has been on Amazon for over a month it has already garnered over 69 5 star reviews, making it a 5 star product on Amazon.

The Neutron S phone holder mount was launched on Kickstarter. It's first generation raised over $60000, while the 2nd generation raised almost $100000 just 26 days. The mounts popularity has grown and many attribute this to its amazing functional and sleek design.

One reviewer on Amazon stated " This is a slick product from a group that excels at minimalistic but beautiful and elegant product solutions."


The Neutron S Patent Pending design includes centrified magnetic shielding. This means it protects devices from magnetic fields. Non shielded magnet mounts could otherwise affect the phone's compass, or its electric performance.
It can hold tablets up to 1 pound and can be installed almost anywhere. People usually purchase multiple Neutrons, using them in their home, car and business. Bungajungle uses orginal 3M VHB tape to adhere it to surfaces. It also includes a metal disc that adheres to the back of devices allowing it to become magnetically attractive to the Neutron S mount.
One of the advantages of using a magnet phone holder is the ease of attachment and removal. The Neutron S magnetic strength has been engineered to near perfection in terms of solid hold and ease of detachment. As far as phone holder engineering and design goes the Neutron S is on the cutting edge and its exclaimed "best smartphone mount on the market" is evident in function and form.

For those that want a customized phone holder experience, Bungajungle is offering an accessory pack. The Neutron S has a removal front face silicone pad. This allows the holder to be changed to different colors adapting to the style of individual users. The accessory pack also includes the popular glow in the dark pad. Now you can have a mount the is self illuminated, making mounting phone in the dark easy and safe. Further customization is also offered by Bungajungle through their branding opportunities.

The Neutron S phone holder mount will really help your digital life. Now available on Amazon!

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