4 Reasons Why You Simply Can't Drive Without a Magnetic Car Mount

It seems impossible to imagine your world without a cell phone, and with texting and driving being one of the leading causes for car accidents, it's crucial that we put down our devices. However, chances are that the recent statistics associated with texting and driving accidents still haven't deterred you from using your cell phone in your car either as it simply isn't plausible for the most of us. After all, it's a lifeline. However, it's incredibly dangerous to operate your phone while operating a vehicle, and you're putting your life at risk, as well as many others. The good news is that you don't have to completely stop using your phone while driving because a magnetic phone car mount is basically all you need to talk on your phone, to listen to music or to view your GPS while driving. So, most of the dangers associated with driving and using your phone are now curbed with the best designed phone holder coming to the market.

Eliminates Distractions

While the Neutron S magnetic phone car mount can't eliminate all distractions, it can certainly take care of the cell phone factor. Many accidents are caused by people simply reaching for their phone.  This means that you can essentially place your phone right in front of you without disrupting your view of the road and without having to reach over to your windshield to play a song or answer a phone call. You can conveniently place it in an area within reach, instantly eliminating the need to reach, fumble or even touch your phone.

No More Falling Phone

You may have even given up on a phone holder for your car because they can often become disengaged, causing your expensive phone to fall and sometimes even break. Those suction cups are annoying, and that's not to mention that they leave an awful smudge and glare on your windshield. Fortunately, due to the design of the Neutron S magnetic phone car mount and the durability of the 3M VHB tape pretty much eliminates the chances of your phone dropping. The Neutron S is magnetically shielded, which means that there basically isn't any magnetic field that can get inside your phone. So, once it's stuck in, it won't budge until you want it to. The same can be said for the 3M VHB tape if you are using it. It's the same version that is used on GoPro mounts and even Jet Aircrafts. Needless to say, no more phone falling for any of us that use this magnetic phone car mount.

No More 'Can You Hear Me Now'

We can all relate to the 'can you hear me now... how about now' parts of conversations that seem inevitable when traveling sometimes. Fortunately, with a magnetic phone holder, the sound is actually improved. Since you can place your phone anywhere in your car, you can hear the person on the other line better, and the same can be said for them. Without a phone holder, speakerphone from a distance or fumbling with your phone between your shoulder and ear is a hassle, and a serious distraction. So, enjoy hands free communication that can actually be heard with a Neutron S.

You Can See The Screen

Before we get into this benefit, it's crucial to mention that the only time you should be viewing your cell phone screen while driving is when you're answering a call, changing a song or when using your phone as a GPS. Although you will be able to see all of your text messages when driving with your cell in a phone holder like the Neutron S since you can place it wherever and however close you want, texting and driving is still never recommended and against the law. However, the benefit of having your phone within close proximity to you is that you can see your screen when doing things like following a map. You don't have to look over or down to follow the directions to your new destination. Just place your magnetic phone car mount in front of you, and glance your eyes at it whenever you need to.


It's safe to say that the Neutron S magnetic phone car mount may be a lifesaver. At the very least, it makes driving while operating your phone for the millisecond needed to answer a call, play music or view the GPS easy and distraction-free. That in itself is a good investment that brings plenty of advantages.

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