The Only Way to Eliminate Webcam Hackers to Ensure your Webcam Privacy


You probably trust your computer to be a safe haven for all of your pictures, thoughts and documents and believe that when not in use, it's not working. After all, it's an electronic; what is there not to trust? However, what many people don't realize is that with any kind of technology, your computer, laptop and tablet can be hacked and worse, there is webcam hacking, which allows your cam to be viewed unbeknownst to you, and even when that light on your screen isn't flashing. If it’s plugged in or your laptop screen is open, virtual Peeping Toms can access it and watch you. Before anyone starts panicking, the chances of webcam hacking happening to you is fairly slim but more importantly it isn't impossible. There have been many cases where people discovered that they were being spied on through their webcam, which is why it's important to take the appropriate webcam privacy steps to ensure your safety and security. You can start right now with a minimalistic webcam cover


Cover the Cam

With reports of people being watched through their webcam all around the world, you want to take proper precautions to ensure your webcam privacy. Some people choose to tape a piece of paper over their webcam circle, but placing some sticky dollar store plastic over an expensive electronic isn't something that everyone wants to do, nor should they. It's much better to get a webcam cover because you won’t damage your computer or webcam surface, and it’s aesthetically pleasing! The tape and paper just won’t do justice. There are two kinds of Nope that you can get for your webcam privacy. One covers the space magnetically, and the other covers the space with a magnet and 3M VHB tape. The magnetic attributes allow the webcam cover to essentially levitate over the camera so it doesn't actually touch it. No more worrying about scratching the surface while enjoying webcam security, and definitely no more masking tape and paper on your webcam. 

Install Security Software

With so many viruses and software threats out there, no computer is complete without some software security installed on it. This won't eliminate privacy nightmares from happening, but it can certainly help. A Nope webcam cover, is truly the only way to effectively cover your webcam from unwanted onlookers, but installing some sort of software security onto your computer will help deter all kinds of hackers, viruses and threats, which allows your computer to be protected well beyond just the webcam. Look for a program that has an antivirius, anti-spyware, a firewall and additional tools to keep hackers away, and always use your Nope webcam cover to completely eliminate your chances of having your privacy violated by webcam hackers. There's really no reason not to have these two crucial things because your privacy is important. That's also not to mention that software security can be found free or at an affordable price for the better versions, and the Nope webcam cover is incredibly minimalistic and non-intrusive. Your webcam hacker paranoia is aesthetic and subtle. So, take advantage of the magnetic elements and cover the cam when you aren't using it and protect your computer with software security.

Take to a Trustworthy Source

If you have to get your computer or laptop prepared, always take it to a trustworthy company. There is no discounted price from a random company you stumbled across in an alley downtown one day that is worthy jeopardizing your webcam privacy and overall security. However, it is just as important to know that an ill-intentioned technician can be found at companies you would never expect as well. It isn’t common, but it isn’t unheard of either. So if you ever find a new program on your computer post a repair, especially if it allows for remote access, uninstall it immediately, attach your Nope webcam cover (which should have already been on unless you were using your webcam) and bring it to another reputable source. Additionally, it is important to remember that someone who knows computers well (such as a repair technician) could easily install spy software on your computer, and hide it somewhere in your files that would be hard for you to find. So do your research and find a trusted source before opting for any repairs, and keep that Nope webcam cover on!


If your webcam can be unplugged, be sure to do so any time it isn't being used, and consider changing your Wi-Fi settings to disallow other people from connecting without your consent. A password doesn't always do this, so check out your settings. The good news is, with these computer and webcam privacy steps and a Nope webcam cover, you can be safe and secure while enjoying everything that your webcam has to offer. Buy your webcam cover now, and deter those weirdos. 

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