Dundabunga - A totally Different Tablet Stand

If you've ever tried to watch your iPad in bed, you know it's a constant battle of readjusting or a serious workout for your arms. It's about time someone came out with a tablet stand that allows you to comfortably take advantage of your technology, wherever you are, which is exactly why the Dundabunga is an electronic accessory you can’t skip over. Now, save your excitement for just a moment because it isn't only a tablet stand for iPads. It can also be used as a stand for any smartphone including an iPhone or any kind of tablet, for cameras, laptops – you name it. It's genius and whether you have one electronic device or 20, you only need this one thing. So shop the tablet stands now at Dundabunga. As if the names weren't cool enough, the products are just as amazing, and allow you to use your electronics in a completely new way.


One Stand, All Devices

With all the technology devices out there, it seems like Murphy's Law to always forget one electronic accessory that you need, every time you leave the house. It may be your smartphone holder for in the car, a tablet stand for your e-reader or even the attachments you need for your action camera. Whatever it is, carrying around the different stands you need for each is a serious hassle, which is why it's time to get super stoked about the Dundabunga. As mentioned, it isn't just an iPad stand or some other tablet stand. It isn't just an iPhone stand or some other smartphone stand. It's literally the ultimate electronic accessory that can be used for all devices, from cameras to laptops, smartphones, tablets – the list goes on. It's completely universal, which means no more juggling around a million different attachments for all of your devices. You just need one, the Dundabunga. It also comes with a mounting disk, which can be placed on everything to make it mountable. Literally everything, and the mounts have been designed to never lose their hold, regardless of any dirt or temperature changes. So, goodbye suction cups! With the addition of 3M VHB tape, you could mount your life on the wall if you wanted to.

It's Not Just a Tablet Stand Either

The Dundabunga is pretty awesome as it is, even if it was just a tablet stand. It's actually so much more than that though, which makes it the absolute must have electronic accessory of the century. This innovative product is also a monopod, selfie stick, action camera accessory, smartphone stand, phone holder, e-reader stand and of course, a tablet stand as well. It's the first product that has unlimited uses and positions across basically every device out there. You can take your tablet to the beach and watch some shows as you sunbath, then use the very same stand as a selfie stick or wear it as you dip into the ocean. When you're back out, you can effortlessly attach your iPhone to it and listen to some music while keeping your smartphone out of the sand, and then use it as a monopod while you take a stroll down the sandy shores. It's incredible, and the best part is that it has a 360 rotation for landscape and portrait shots. So, calling the Dundabunga a tablet stand or smartphone stand simply doesn't do justice. It's wearable and totally adaptable to all surfaces.

Twist and Shape For Everywhere

The fabulous features don't end there either. The modern design isn't only aesthetically awesome. A lot of thought has been put into it to ensure that the Dundabunga can be used basically everywhere. With tripods for your camera and iPad stands, you have to find a level place for your device to actually be used, and the same can be said for smartphone stands in the car. That’s also not to mention that you get all sorts of neck cramps and body aches trying to enjoy your electronics in new places. The truth is, the idea was there the concept didn’t really provide fully, which is why the Dundabunga available on Bunga Jungle is the only product you will ever need. It has unlimited positions as the structure can be twisted and shaped to wrap around anything, or stand anywhere. You can even wrap it around your arm to use it as an action camera accessory if you wanted to, or wrap it around a low hanging ceiling lamp to use it for your tablet while sitting at the kitchen. Shape it into a tablet stand or maneuver it into a smartphone stand for in the car. It gets even better. The internal structure is basically indestructible, meaning that you can twist that bad boy to whatever shapes and however many times you want and it's still going to perform and look brand new.



We also can't forget about the patented magnetic shielding that comes with this product, as well as the Ungabunga, Neutron S and Neutron A that can all be found on Bungajungle right now. Basically this means that no magnetic field can enter into your device, so you don't have to worry about magnets affecting any of your devices. Needless to say, it’s time to shop now and change the way you use your products.

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