Custom Eco-Friendly Branded Promotional Webcam Covers

You know when you go to a tradeshow and they give you freebies that you just toss away.  You know those branded items that are sometimes good but mostly bad.  Well, we at Bungajungle just joined on the good side of the branding game with our famous webcam covers.  We just launched our branded wood webcam covers.  These are made completely from real wood and they look really good and everyone wants one.

Imagine giving your customers or clients a precision wooden product.  Who doesn't like wood?  With all the promotional plastic out there, you need to be conscious of what you give away or it may be your logo that just ends up in landfills or even worse, in the ocean.  

These webcam covers weren't made overnight.  They're the evolution from 5 previous designs.  We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo selling a variety of webcam covers.  This is the best we've made and these are the best anyone has made.  Why have a brand new MacBook Pro 16' and then ruin the whole aesthetic by adding a piece of plastic.  The wood won't scratch your screen or the aluminum on the Apple unibody.  They fit perfectly allowing any laptop to close completely.  They are durable too.

We also considered packaging.  At Bungajungle we're always thinking of ways we can subtract harsh synthetic materials. We think that these covers are the start.  The packaging is made from all recycled paper, thus your company can give out thousands of these covers without feeling any guilt of any environmental footprint.

So go ahead and contact us and we'll make sure you get the best possible swag for your next promotion.

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