Bungajungle Launches New Privacy Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover on Kickstarter

Ananda Svarupa Das and Bungajungle, based out of Hilo, HI just launched a new Kickstarter.  Their new product is Nope Sound Blocker. It protects your conversational and visual privacy.  The gadget is a very small minimalist input that simply goes inside your headphone jack.  This electronic circuitry in the Nope gadget disables the onboard microphones on your devices so no sound can enter.

Nope Sound Blocker on MacBook

With this they also launched Nope a new webcam cover.  It is the thinnest mechanical webcam cover in the world and is the latest in their versions of webcam covers.

Nope - The Thinnest Mechanical Webcam Cover in the World

Bungajungle have launched many successful projects on Kickstarter.  Check out the latest project on Kickstarter.



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