Bungajungle Launches Nope 2.0 on Kickstarter

Bungajungle, a company based out of Chicago and Hawaii released it’s new version or the popular Nope webcam blocker on Kickstarter.  With 35 days still remaining in the campaign, the project has already raised almost $46,000 with 3159 backers supporting it. 


The first Nope project raised over $93,000, supported by 7800 backers.  The new Nope 2.0 offers still uses magnets but instead of the revolving motion of the first Nope the Nope 2.0 uses 2 separate magnets to create a hinge.  This allows the back and forth movement on a very thin scale.  The magnets are covered with silicone to keep them together and protect screens from scratching.

 The new Nope 2.0 also offers easy installation.  A simple peel and stick with 3M VHB tape.

 Ananda Svarupa Das, AKA Anil Rami states “ we wanted to created a web blocker that was super thin, aesthetically pleasing, and functional”. The project was seeking only $964 to start manufacturing. Rewards start at $5 for a single Nope 2.0 and up $25 for 12.   Shipping for Nope 2.0 is planned for September.




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