Halo - World's Best Travel Pillow

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The most versatile travel pillow to ever exist. Plane, trains, automobiles, yoga, beach, camping... Just see the video.


Halo Pillow allows you to effortlessly sleep in any chair. Even the longest flights turn into a restful experience. Good rest will take away jet lag, improve your mood,  and overall health. Its durable construction will always make sure your travels are cherished memories. 


  •  Halo Pillow makes every chair a bed – Lightweight and portable, you can throw Halo Pillow in your backpack or carry-on.
  •  Next gen sleep support –  The keystone to good sleep is surrender. Traditional travel pillows barely support, what to speak of holding your whole upper body.  
  •  Multi-use -  Use it as a Neck holder (cervical traction) to stretch neck and relieve tension.   As a Yoga pillow to support a straight spine. Take it with you to the beach, or use it as a car neck support.  A true travel pillow of the greatest value.