Kickback Custom Wooden Webcam Covers

Promote your brand with Kickback Webcam Cover:

  • All Natural Wood (available in ebony or walnut)
  • Sleek Minimalist Design
  • Easy Peel-and-Stick Installation (durable adhesive removes easily and cleanly with alcohol)
  • Cover glides to the side whenever webcam is used
  • Super Thin: 0.7mm -- So thin that any laptop will still close all the way
Made in the USA                                                                                                        
The best opportunity to show off your brand's logo, or provide personalized gifts. Custom Solid Real-Wood Webcam Covers.                                                                
Get your brand's logo noticed on every phone or tablet. Customers use their phones, tablets, computers and all kinds of devices day and night.                           
Now your brand's logo can be front and center in their vision all the time while providing them the comfort of cyber-privacy. 
Send color choice: ebony or walnut with logo or artwork in vector format to
Ships in 7-14 days