Dundabunga - iPad / Smartphone Stand with Camera Mount



Minimalist uni-pod stand for your tablet, smartphones, e-readers, laptops, and cameras. Full 360 rotation for landscape and portrait mode.  Effortless attachment and removal of your devices.  Incorporates  magnetic shielding that keeps your devices protected from magnetic field.  Unlimited uses and positions for all your devices including cameras.  

Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android phones.  Universal and compatible with all your devices.  One stand for all your devices!

 Length: 38 inches (96.52 cm)

Extension Diameter: .720 inches (1.83 cm)

Weight: 8.9 oz (254 g)

Comes with two 1/16 inch x 3/4 inch super slim attachment discs for your tablet, smartphones and e-readers.

Dundabunga comes with a 1 year warranty.