Neutron C

Ungabunga - Phone and Tablet Mount with Camera Tri-Pod Mounting Hole

The Ungabunga is a minimal phone and tablet mount for your automobile and can also be adhered to almost any surface. Comes with a female camera mount screw input on the back. This allows it to be attached to tripods, or any other compatible camera mount screws.

Allows for quick and exact attachment and detachment of devices. Offers full bi-directional 360 degree rotation.

Incorporates magnetic shielding which stops magnetic fields from entering into your devices, especially important for magnetically sensitive electronics.

Comes with a 1/16 inch x 3/4 inch attachment disk and 3M VHB mounting tape.

Height: .75 inches (19 mm)

Diameter: .87 inches (22.2 mm)

Weight: .8 oz (22.7 grams)