Nope - Webcam Cover

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Nope Webcam Cover (World's Thinnest Mechanical Webcam Cover)

The Nope Webcam Cover and Microphone Blocker has been featured in TechCrunch, SlashGear, Gizmodo, and more!

Nope Webcam Cover is just 2 parts and 3M tape. The mechanism is a slider that runs along the the top and bottom rails. We used a combination of high grade aluminum for the outer rim and a polymer sheet for the slider.

  • World's thinnest (0.3 mm)
  • smooth sliding system
  • works on almost all devices

Why is the Nope Webcam Cover better than using a piece of tape to cover the lens?

  • Tape loses its stickiness over time
  • Tape is easily forgotten, lost, or repurposed, leaving the webcam exposed
  • Tape doesn’t look very professional
  • Tape may leave a sticky residue

We created the Nope webcam cover because we volunteer with students who use digital camera and webcam enabled devices. The shocking truth is that just about anyone can hack into your computer and turn on your webcam without you even knowing it. The only way to guarantee your privacy is to use a webcam cover when it's not in use. We believe that it is your space, so you should be the one to decide when your webcam is being used.

Nope - The Best iPhone Webcam Cover

Nope - The Best Webcam Cover for Any Device

Nope Webcam Cover feature a subtle design which compliments the beautiful aesthetic of top devices.