Nope Wood Slider Webcam Covers 3-Pack


Beautiful sliding webcam covers made from real wood.  

                                        Made in USA on the island of Hawaii.

The Nope Wood Slider Webcam Covers are made  entirely of USA sourced walnut, cherry and maple wood. A small amount of peel-and-stick acrylic 3M VHB tape is used to adhere the covers onto your devices.

Why wood?

Wood has unique properties. It's a sustainable resource that has a low impact manufacturing footprint and provides a cool and luxurious appearance.  

Ultra thin

Today's devices need a sleek thin webcam cover. Nope Wood Sliders are a mere .6 mm thin. They have been tested on Macbooks, thin pc laptops, iPads  and always allow for full closure.  They also work great with desktops and phones.