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Sungabunga - Minimal laptop and tablet for bed and desk.

Light weight and versatile. Takes away cramping, neck strain, and crouching.  Allows for small adjustments for maximum ergonomics. 

Use with laptops, tablets,  phones and ereaders.

Allows for quick and exact attachment and detachment of devices and offers full bi-directional 360 degree rotation.

Incorporates a patent pending magnetic shielding that stops magnetic fields from entering into your devices, especially important for magnetically sensitive electronics.

Comes with a 1/16 inch x 3/4 inch and a  1/8 inch x 1 1/4 inches attachment disk.  Includes 3M VHB mounting tape.

Length: 21 inches (53.34 cm)

Extension Diameter: .720 inches (1.83 cm)

Weight:  12 oz (340.19 g)